About Amorosa Vintage

Amorosa – with love,

Amorosa is about offering love to yourself. 

Clothes that make you feel good about you.

I hope these pieces make you feel sexy, spirited, elegant and sometimes daring.

With affection,

Amorosa started sourcing vintage and second hand as a hobby back in 2012 in Los Angeles California. 

Years later after living in Paris for a decade, Amorosa Vintage was born.

Amorosa Vintage is a Parisian based vintage clothing curation company dedicated to sourcing quality pieces for your closet.

We hope to find those treasures that will always have a special place in your closet, and a special place in your heart.

Unique items sourced from all over France and Europe.

Amorosa prioritizes quality over quantity; believing that less is more.

By shopping second hand you are helping to support a more sustainable future. 
We wish to bring you closer to sustainable, good quality clothing all year around.

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